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Dior Homme Intense EDP Spray (New Version) - 50ml-1.7oz | DIOR |

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Ok, so life is a little dull and politics has you just hanging out eating cheetos? 
Need a bold change? 

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Ok, maybe that is a little too bold right but you got to start somewhere! 
Beauty Price Match
  1. -A precious, bold fragrance for confident men
  2. -Musculine, sophisticated & sensual
  3. -Top note reveals the floral & woody quality of lavender
  4. -Middle note is mainly ambrette with musky, fruit-tinged accents
  5. -Base note is dominated by virginia cedar
  6. -Perfect for evening wear
  7. Product Line: Dior Homme Intense
  8. Product Size: 50ml/1.7oz

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