Akeso Detox Face Mask with Green Clay and Aloe Vera – Facial Masks for Women - Detoxifies, Brightens, and Minimizes Pore Size - Deep Cleansing for All Skin Types – 93% Natural - Paraben-Free | WE PRICE MATCH™

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● NATURALLY PURIFIES YOUR SKIN – Treat yourself to a rich all-natural face mask that immediately cleanses, and quenches dehydrated skin. Using two of the most potent, yet natural detoxifiers, Aloe Vera and Green Clay! The Akeso Facial Detox Mask is the ultimate beauty treatment - promising to breathe life into your lackluster skin.
● CLEAN PORES WITH A BURST OF MOISTURE – Penetrating deep into your skin, our Organic Clay Face Mask draws out all the impurities from within. Perfect for balancing oily skin, this healing facial cleanser also moisturizes your skin and helps reduce redness. Apply once or twice a week, leave on for ten minutes and you’ll feel totally refreshed.
● MIRACULOUS ALOE & GREEN CLAY FOR RADIANT, YOUTHFUL SKIN – Infuse your face with essential vitamins and minerals that keep it healthy and youthful. Aloe Vera stimulates collagen production and skin renewal, while Green Clay gently exfoliates dead skin cells to make room for a new, healthy skin layer. Reinforce your skin's defenses so it stays soft and vibrant.
● 93% NATURAL INGREDIENTS - NO ANIMAL TESTING – We are committed to doing our part in protecting mother earth. We make exclusive use of all-natural Greek ingredients; say NO to parabens, minerals, Vaseline, and silicones, and oppose animal testing. Our product packaging is entirely recyclable, and we are proud to have embossed Braille on our boxes for the visually impaired.
● AKESO’S SEAL OF QUALITY SKINCARE – Purify your skin, and restore your bright, healthy glow by using this all-natural Masque Visage. We invite you to try our Detox Face Mask tubes and benefit from the full spectrum of its natural, vegan ingredients’. Add Akeso’s Hydrating Face Mask with Green Clay to Your Cart and see for yourself what a difference it can make to your skin!