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At Buy Beauty Products, every product description is a chance to connect with you. We think of it as you just across from us and we got questions and answers! 

So, what is your complexion? Who are you selecting and who are you testing? Ok, so what is the real issue? You got DARK SPOTS and blemishes but you don't want to do surgery. We get it. Try this product...

It will work wonders...how so? 

  1. BYE BYE BLEMISHES: Tones and evens out your complexion fading away dark spots and other blemishes.
  2. EVEN STEVEN: even look and radiance to the complexion.
  3. DISMISS DULL: It moisturizes, conditions to beautify dull skin.

 Ok if that is not enough, then

  1. 100% hydroquinone free; and 
  2. Brightens 2-3 shades

 It is primarily for dry skin but can have positive effects on all! Live your life in color and word to your mother. 

Why is hydroquinone so controversial? 

Banned in South Africa. Yes, the same South Africa that imprisoned Mandela. 

Hydroquinone’s controversial reputation stems from when it was banned in South Africa many years ago. As it turns out, the products in question were found to contain mercury and glucocorticoids, among other caustic and illegal contaminants—a highly probable cause of the side effects seen.

Unfortunately countries in the European Union followed suit chiefly on the basis of these reports, despite the fact that when properly formulated, hydroquinone is not a harmful ingredient. In contrast, there’s abundant research showing hydroquinone to be safe and extremely effective.



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